Full Moon 2023

Location: Ashburn, Virginia, United States

Latitude: 39.0469

Longitude: -77.4903

Time Zone: (EDT), GMT-04:00

Time Zone ID: America/New_York

The full moon calendar 2023 and the next full moon including exact date and local times are listed below.

When is the next full moon?

TODAY: Thursday, July 25, 2024

Next full moon: Monday, August 19, 2024 - 02:28 pm (EDT), GMT-04:00

Full moon schedule for 2023

Full Moon Date
Full Moon Name
Full Moon for January 2023

January 6

06:09 pm

Full Wolf Moon

Full Moon for February 2023

February 5

01:30 pm

Full Snow Moon

Full Moon for March 2023

March 7

07:42 am

Full Worm Moon

Full Moon for April 2023

April 6

12:37 am

Full Pink Moon

Full Moon for May 2023

May 5

01:36 pm

Full Flower Moon

Full Moon for June 2023

June 3

11:43 pm

Full Strawberry Moon

Full Moon for July 2023

July 3

07:40 am

Full Buck Moon

Full Moon for August 2023

August 1

02:33 pm

Full Sturgeon Moon

Blue Moon

August 30

09:37 pm

Blue Moon

Full Moon for September 2023

September 29

05:58 am

Full Corn Moon

Full Moon for October 2023

October 28

04:24 pm

Full Hunter’s Moon

Full Moon for November 2023

November 27

04:16 am

Full Beaver Moon

Full Moon for December 2023

December 26

07:33 pm

Full Cold Moon

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  • Christine
    11-23-2023 at 11:11 UTC

    I appreciate it for the full moon information with the names of each moon that is way too cool.


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    • Lonewolf Canada
      03-11-2023 at 21:54 UTC

      Thank you,just one important thing missing the name of each moon like,January was the Wolf moon ,and I'm Lonewolf Canada %uD83C%uDDE8%uD83C%uDDE6 A'HO Respect.


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      • Melanie
        03-04-2023 at 19:53 UTC

        Thanks for the information. I Love the Full Moons. It%u2019s always the time when I%u2019m super full of ideas & extra creative a week before it%u2019s fullness .
        This last Snow Moon, we observed hiking at night while on a ranger led trail into the gorge. Super cool experience.


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        • Kyra
          02-13-2023 at 11:57 UTC

          ok. If I may, I would like to inform you that your platform has to be one of the most entertaining pieces of the internet since the creation of Youtube, I pray to God everyday that this website will not only still be good, but improve as time goes on.


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          • Pete
            02-02-2023 at 14:03 UTC

            06:30 pm is an oximoron. 06:30 is 24hr notation for 6:30 am
            I belive you mean 18:30


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            • Bobbie Bory
              01-07-2023 at 20:01 UTC

              Conflicting information as in the Full Moon Date column it says Yesterday (Jan 7) however under the heading When is the next full moon? it says Today, which happens to be Jan 8th.


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              • Jo-anne Salvador
                01-01-2023 at 00:23 UTC

                Hi there,

                I was wondering if I can buy the tickets early and how I can get more information about the party

                Thank you,


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                • Fanta Mady DOUMBOUYA
                  11-13-2023 at 02:05 UTC

                  It has been an honor for me seing this link, I would to thank God for showing me this and i thanks myself for believing in this link.