Full Moon 2020 for Abu Qurqas, Al Minya, Egypt

Location: Abu Qurqas, Al Minya, Egypt (Africa/Cairo - (EET), UTC+02:00). Wrong Location?

The full moon 2020 for Abu Qurqas, Al Minya, Egypt and the next full moon including exact date and local times are listed below.

When is the next full moon for Abu Qurqas, Al Minya, Egypt?

TODAY: Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Next full moon: Thursday, April 6, 2023 - 06:37 am (EET), UTC+02:00

Full moon schedule in 2020 for Abu Qurqas, Al Minya, Egypt

Full Moon
Full Moon Name
Full Moon for January 2020

January 10

09:23 pm

Full Wolf Moon

Full Moon for February 2020

February 9

09:34 am

Full Snow Moon

Full Moon for March 2020

March 9

07:48 pm

Full Worm Moon

Full Moon for April 2020

April 8

04:35 am

Full Pink Moon

Full Moon for May 2020

May 7

12:45 pm

Full Flower Moon

Full Moon for June 2020

June 5

09:12 pm

Full Strawberry Moon

Full Moon for July 2020

July 5

06:44 am

Full Buck Moon

Full Moon for August 2020

August 3

05:59 pm

Full Sturgeon Moon

Full Moon for September 2020

September 2

07:23 am

Full Corn Moon

Full Moon for October 2020

October 1

11:06 pm

Full Hunter’s Moon

Blue Moon

October 31

04:51 pm

Blue Moon

Full Moon for November 2020

November 30

11:32 am

Full Beaver Moon

Full Moon for December 2020

December 30

05:30 am

Full Cold Moon

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