Full Moon 2019 for Aqsu-Ayuly, Qaraghandy oblysy, Kazakhstan

Location: Aqsu-Ayuly, Qaraghandy oblysy, Kazakhstan (Asia/Almaty - UTC+06:00). Wrong Location?

The full moon 2019 for Aqsu-Ayuly, Qaraghandy oblysy, Kazakhstan and the next full moon including exact date and local times are listed below.

When is the next full moon for Aqsu-Ayuly, Qaraghandy oblysy, Kazakhstan?

TODAY: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Next full moon: Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 12:38 am UTC+06:00

Full moon schedule in 2019 for Aqsu-Ayuly, Qaraghandy oblysy, Kazakhstan

Full Moon
Full Moon Name
Full Moon for January 2019

January 21

11:17 am

Full Wolf Moon

Full Moon for February 2019

February 19

09:53 pm

Full Snow Moon

Full Moon for March 2019

March 21

07:43 am

Full Worm Moon

Full Moon for April 2019

April 19

05:12 pm

Full Pink Moon

Full Moon for May 2019

May 19

03:11 am

Full Flower Moon

Full Moon for June 2019

June 17

02:31 pm

Full Strawberry Moon

Full Moon for July 2019

July 17

03:39 am

Full Buck Moon

Full Moon for August 2019

August 15

06:31 pm

Full Sturgeon Moon

Full Moon for September 2019

September 14

10:35 am

Full Corn Moon

Full Moon for October 2019

October 14

03:10 am

Full Hunter’s Moon

Full Moon for November 2019

November 12

07:37 pm

Full Beaver Moon

Full Moon for December 2019

December 12

11:14 am

Full Cold Moon

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